Be Happy!
I received an e-version of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I was very excited for this novel cause 1) Thomas is a medical student (so am I), 2) the novel’s title is Teeth (and I’m dental student), 3) who does’t love a good vampire story?
So I went to this book expecting all of this (though author did say there would be much more vampires and less medical-things). At first I thought I was too creepy (I would be scared in this situation). Imagine you wake up not in you room, blood is everywhere and next to you is a woman who is soon to die. Creepy, yes.
And from that we are learning smth about vampires. For me they were not typical at all and I’ve never thought what is the origin of some of theirs powers and disadvantages (f.e. why they can’t stand sunlight). So the concept and all the explanations for me where A+.
Overall, there were moments when I was asking myself should I continue reading and moment when I just cannot put the book down. Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed reading this book and very thankful for approving my request.
Next part of review will contain spoilers so be awere of that.
Спойлеры :)
Извиняюсь, что отзыв на английском, но все же он писался для Goodreads.

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